Parakeet Gizmo


magine being able to produce a parakeet at any point in your act, from virtually anything! Dave Womach has created a utility device so powerful that you can use it to produce a parakeet in almost any setting, even close up (they wont hear any Velcro or snaps opening). Use this device to produce a parakeet bare handed if you wish! What a powerful opening for an orange-lemon-egg-parakeet routine! The “parakeet gizmo” has been in development for years, and after being tested in front of real audiences literally thousands of times by Dave Womach, it’s finally ready for the public. The perfect gift for the magician who is tired of doing the same old bird magic, and is ready to open their minds and put some creativity and originality into their bird act.

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Black, White, Red, Blue, Baby Blue, Gray, Hot Pink, Yellow, Purple, News Print


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